The Clubhouse

With Marianella, you are investing in more than a home, you are investing in a lifestyle choice with a range of private club amenities to enhance your health and wellbeing.


The superbly appointed Residents’ Club encompasses a gym and wellness suite, a meeting room for residents’ use, a lounge area, a state-of-the-art private cinema room and a manned concierge desk. From a meeting room for your business or social needs, to the private cinema room for a movie screening, it’s all available to you.

Personal Trainer Colin Gaffney, is on hand in the Wellness Suite to help you get started on your fitness and health goals. With 16 years’ experience working in fitness in the Rathgar area, he is well placed to ensure you enjoy a quality of life second to none whether you’re a teenager or retired. 

“This is a facility that will be on your doorstep, which will make fitness and wellness much easier to achieve. There’s no fixed time – you can nip down for 15, 20 minutes and have your workout. There are a select number of classes, and we are available to create personalised programmes when a resident comes in for the first time, so they can be assessed and introduced to the equipment.”


Colin is keen to point out that this is a wellness suite rather than a gym, with the addition of a sauna. “The focus is on helping people live life better. I would term it more as a wellness facility than a gym. Personal training will be available, as will a select number of classes for residents, such as yoga, pilates and a boot camp programme, just a couple of times a week. These will be suitable for all ages, and the emphasis is on wellbeing and having some fun with fitness, rather than anything overly hardcore.”

Like everything else in Marianella, these are top-class facilities with the systems in place to ensure they stay at that level for years to come. Equipment includes several bikes, rowers and treadmills, as well as free weights and weights machines, all of the highest quality.  “It’s a superb facility – both in terms of the equipment in there, the sauna, the steamroom, and the way it is run. The expertise is there as well, to help you make the most of the facility. The management company and the concierge will ensure that the facility is looked after; this is really the difference with Marianella.”